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Tourism and Travel


Tourism and Travel Holdings Limited was founded in 2016, by Volkmar and Heike Wollenweber who immigrated from Germany to New Zealand in 2004. 

Tourism and Travel Holdings Limited has three motorhome brands: Budgy Campers, Euro Campers and Heron Campers. Each of these brands target a different type of traveller. 

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We have 11 incredible crew members, speaking more than 5 languages. All are experienced travellers, so we know what makes or breaks a holiday. As a team we are passionate about delivering quality motorhomes and customer service. Our team will go the extra mile in making sure you have the best New Zealand experience. We can help you plan your holiday.


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Our Team

Tourism and Travel has a team of 11 enthusiastic people who come from all over the world speaking more than 5 languages. All are experienced travellers and skilled at their area of the business. This group is passionate about delivering quality products and services and will most definitely go the extra mile in making sure you have the best New Zealand experience.


Our fleet has a campervan or motorhome for every demand. Are you are travelling on a budget and want to take an older campervan, our Budgy Campers are for you, it varies from a 2 Berth to a 6 Berth – perfect for both couples and families wanting to explore what New Zealand has to offer. Are you looking for something that is easy on the eye but doesn’t break your bank? Then you might consider our Euro models. Otherwise, travel in style is more your cup of tea? Our Heron fleet is for you. Our campers are fully equipped.


One thing all of our campers have in common is that they are all certified self-contained. This gives you the flexibility to stay at any campsite you come across. Freedom camping is very popular in New Zealand, it offers some of the most beautifully situated camping spots, surrounded by natural beauty with access to walks, swimming holes, historical sites and more hidden gems. Its all in the name ‘Freedom Camping‘, Free is always good.

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