Swim with wild dolphins in Akaroa

Akaroa is a charming fishing village on the Banks peninsula, south east of Christchurch, located in a small bay and great to reach by camper.

On the way stop at The Hilltop and enjoy a great view!

Akaroa is the only place in the world where we can swim with wild Hector dolphins and they are so playful!

After the tour, the restaurant mile invites you to refreshments. 1 kg of fresh mussels in white wine sauce, salad, pizza or ice cream..., the locals understand their craft of European cuisine, a treat for the whole family.  There are also some beautiful little boutiques along the waterfront. Souvenir shops are characterised by New Zealand designer.

Experience wild Dolphins



  BLACK CAT TOURS make this fabulous and unforgettable experience possible.

After a friendly welcome from the Black Cats team you are ready to go!

First the matching wet suit is found, sunscreen and sunglasses packed, and the adventure begins. After everyone has taken their seat on the boat, you get an idea of what awaits you. The boat drives out into the open sea.

Suddenly the engine stops, and you will  follow every movement at the sea. Dolphins swim under and around the boat.

They accelerate, jump with the whole body out of the water, as if they want to say, “Come to us and play with us!”

Take a snorkel and pour into under water. The Hectors love these sounds. Up to half a meter distance the Hectors swim in the middle of our group! They are with a length of up to 1.50 meters one of the smallest representatives of the dolphins. It belongs to the genus of the black and white dolphins and is only found in the waters around New Zealand. 

There is a fabulous and overwhelming tension to feel in the water!

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