Best Apps for your Campervan Trip

When travelling in a campervan in New Zealand, you may be unsure where to find all the information you need while on the road. We have all the best campervan apps that allow you to find everything you need from campsites to free Wi-Fi near you. 


CamperMate is a great app for anyone looking to travel around New Zealand. This app will use your phones GPS to find different locations and services near you. This app makes it easier to find what you need so you aren’t travelling and find yourself in need of something that might be too far out of reach. The app CamperMate allows you to see the following:

• Rubbish Bins 


• Public Toilets


• Dump Stations


• Campsites 


• Petrol Stations


• Supermarkets 


• Free Wi-Fi


• Police Stations


• Hospital


• Hostels

Rankers Camping

Ranker’s camping is a great app for you to find the best places to camp all over New Zealand. With over 4000 locations from paid camping sites to freedom camping spots, rankers have all your camping needs. With this app you are able to download an offline version of the map of New Zealand if you do not have mobile data or wi-fi nearby. 

Rankers camping also have the following information on their app:


• 4,200 locations


• Filters for campsites e.g., near wildlife


• Access to user reviews for campsite locations


• Able to book campsites through the app before arrival


• Have different walks and animal encounter locations near you


We have the best campervan app for you to make sure you are paying the lowest price when filling up your gas tank. Gaspy is convenient for everyone who is travelling for long periods of time in New Zealand. This app shows you the best possible petrol prices near you which can help you save money when filling up. This app is more relevant today with petrol and diesel prices having increased recently. Make sure you download this app when travelling around New Zealand to keep updated on where you can fill up for the cheapest price near you. 

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