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Required Driver age: 25+

The Budgy Familia 6 motorhome boasts the largest of the Tourism and Travel Holding Ltd. fleet range – sleeping upto 6 people. 3 double beds give everyone plenty of sleeping room to dream of upcoming adventures. The motorhome comes with an in-van shower and toilet, kitchen facilities and equipment with a self-contained certificate. Which allows you to freedom camp and save money for other activities.


The camper has a fantastic diesel heating system so you can be assured you won’t get cold during chilly nights.


All diesel vehicles need to pay New Zealand Road user charges (RUC) after hire. Read more in specifications.

What's included in the price?

Model: Mercedes Benz

Seats: 6 adults
Bed: Front Upper Bed, 2.10 x 1.40m
Front Double Bed, 1.80 x 1.50m
Rear Double Bed, 2.20 x 2.10m
or 2 Rear Single Bed, 2.10 x 0.70m
Interior fit out: 2010
Fuel: Diesel (Needs to pay Road user charges after hire. More information)
Central Locking: Yes
Fuel Consumption: 14 ltr / 100 km
Fuel Capacity: 75 ltr
Transmission: Automatic
Driving: Power steering, ABS, Cruise Control

Airbag: Yes
Air Condition: Yes

Length: 7.10 m
Width: 2.20 m
Height: 3.20 m
Interior Height: 2.20 m

Internal and external storage facilities give you the space which is required to fit all your belongings and still provide some room for souvenirs.

A fully equipped kitchen offers you all possibilities to even create a three course dinner. With modern gas stove, oven, fridge included  freezer, microwave, toaster and kitchen sink you can let your culinary skills shine. Equipped with lots of kitchen utensils, you’ll find everything you can possibly need.

Kitchen utensils include: Frying Pan, Saucepan, Kettle, Plunger, Colander, Cutting Board, Bowls, Can Opener, Scissors and Lunch boxes.

Gas Capacity: 9 kg


The motorhome comes with a private shower and toilet.

Dual Battery: Yes
Solar Panel: Yes
Entertainment: Radio, CD
Electricity: 12 Volt & 240 Volt
Heating: Diesel

Risk Taker Insurance: 

No daily rate 

Excess: $5.000 NZD

All Good Insurance:

Daily rate: $25 NZD 

Excess: $2.000 NZD

No Worries:

Daily Rate: $36 NZD 

Excess: $500 NZD