With the Euro 4 you will experience the true ‘Kiwi-experience’. Euro 4 offers an apartment-style interior with a fully equipped kitchen, microwave, shower and toilet, and TV. The motorhome has two large double beds, one is in the rear and one in the alcove. For the safety of our little guests there is a safety net for the upper bed in the camper. To give you the real ‘Kiwi experience’ the Euro 4 comes with a portable Weber grill, as well as camping table and camping chairs.

For evening entertainment or on rainy days, it comes with a LCD screen with DVD player. Inside the motorhome is ample storage space with safe for your luggage. Strollers or bicycles find space in the rear of the Euro 4. The solar panel on the roof supports the house battery and is thus also charged when the camper is parked. Thanks to the diesel heater it stays warm in the camper even on cool nights (no 240V required).

All diesel vehicles must pay New Zealand Road User Charges (RUC) after rental. Read more in Specifications.



Modell: LDV V80 2.5 Turbo Diesel

Seats: 3 adults

Bed: 2 double beds

Front: 1.60 x 2.20 m

Rear: 1.50 x 2.20 m

Interior: 2016

Fuel: Diesel (Must pay road tolls after rent. More information)

Central locking: Yes

Fuel consumption: 11 l / 100 km

Tank capacity: 75L

Transmission: Automatic

Driving: Power steering, ABS, cruise control, parking sensor

Airbag: Yes

Air conditioner: Yes

Length: 6.75 m

Width: 2.25 m

Height: 3.20 m

Interior height: 2.10 m

There is plenty of storage space for your luggage in the camper. Valuables can be locked in the safe. In the rear area of the Euro 4 you will find further storage space for strollers, bicycles or hard cases.

You’ll find a modern, fully equipped kitchen with all the kitchen utensils to whip up a tasty meal. With the 3-burner gas stove you will find enough space for cooking. Thanks to the large refrigerator including freezer, you do not have to worry about your food. With Weber grill, toaster and microwave no wishes remain unfulfilled. Thanks to spacious kitchen sink and many kitchen extras, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Kitchen utensils: pans, saucepans, kettles, plungers, pasta strainer, cutting boards, bowls, can openers, scissors and lunch boxes.

Gas Bottle: 9 kg

The camper is equipped with shower and toilet.

House battery: Yes

Solar Pannel: Yes

Entertainment: Radio, AUX, MP3, LCD-Screen

Power: USB and 240 volt outlets

Heating: Diesel

Option A

Deposit $5,000 (no daily surcharge)

Option B

Deposit $2,500 + daily rate

Option C

$0 + daily rate

Further information can be found in our insurance options.

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