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Customer Interview

We interviewed our customer “Gideon G.” (28 y/o) after his road trip through New Zealand.

Date: July 23rd, 2020


We interviewed our customer "Gideon G." (28 y/o) after his road trip through New Zealand with #eurocampers. Read more about his experience during the trip.

Gideon customer
Gideon G. from Germany
customer "EURO-SKY"
  • Eurocampers: Hello Gideon, please introduce yourself. Where are you from and how old are you? What is your occupation?
  • Gideon: My name is Gideon and I'm from a small village next to the lake called Ammersee in Bavaria, Germany. I am 28 years old and a Key Account Manager for a leading global provider of medical devices.
  • Eurocampers: When did you come to New Zealand and how long did you stay?
  • Gideon: I stayed way too short. From 15th February to 5th March I was in New Zealand. Luckily for me, when Corona was not really taken seriously. Simply a breathtaking country. I've traveled a lot around the world in the past- Professionally and privately. Scenically I have compared a lot with Scotland and Norway. Nevertheless it is completely different. Vegetation and climate change so almost. At first I had planned to do my trip over the North Island as well. Finally I decided to postpone this to a later point in my life and just explore the South Island- which I have never regret.
Gideon customer

Customer Gideon G. from Germany, who traveled through the South Island by himself (15.02.-05.03.2020)



  • Eurocampers: What were your planned "MUST-TO-DO's" before you came?
  • Gideon: If that were so easy to answer. I think my behavior at the beginning of the trip was just "typical tourist". Of course you google and you come across a lot of YouTube videos and afterwards you order travel guides. Speaking of YouTube videos- Do you remember when I asked you if the "Sky" was enough for me because a similar car was made very bad in a video? At the end, one of the best decisions I made was probably to take the "Euro SKY". I have to say that this was my first vacation "alone"and I like to have action but also enjoy the peace and quiet endlessly. Back to the topic: On my skin there is something tattooed in black - an orca. I love these incredible animals. Of course I must see them. On Top while I'm in the water, I also have to see sharks and dolphins. Well, yeah and of course I wanted to fly.
  • Eurocampers: Where did you do your shark experience ?
  • Gideon: This was easy to find, at the moment there is only one supplier for it, SHARK EXPERIENCE LTD in BLUFF.
    A very important tip at this point: If you are seasick, take pills. There's nothing worse than getting your day ruined by something like this.
  • Eurocampers: Where did you do your flight training?
  • Gideon: I did my flight training in Wanaka with "Learn To Fly NZ". A bit difficult to find, as the main building is on the far left of the small airport. But just ask, the people are used to it, it seems to happen often 🙂 I had no reservation - in the morning I just stood there and asked as usual if there was anything available *smile*
You want to read MORE about his SHARK EXPERIENCE or the FLIGHT TRAINING ? Please scroll down.


  • Eurocampers: What was your personal highlight during your road trip?
  • Gideon: After three days of searching for Greenstone it was definitely the moment when the woman at the jewelry store said after my 10th visit "Yes this is Greenstone". Beside that:It was the first time to fall asleep and wake up on the beach. Alone. A beach as far as the eye could see - only I was there
  • Eurocampers: How did you feel like New Zealand in general? Which 3 words would best describe New Zealand for you
  • Gideon: SEE YOU AGAIN
  • Eurocampers: It was the first time you traveled alone and also in a campervan. How did you feel like travelling in a camper? Would you do it again?
  • Gideon: As mentioned, i was worried in the beginning by pointless youtube videos, if my camper "Sky" is enough for me. He was ingenious. Especially for me alone. I didn't have so much space and luxury during my studies. Eurocampers are great. You are picked up at the airport, get first instructions about the roads (left-hand traffic) of New Zealand and the very best: In your office there are remains of other campers. Salt, pepper, coffee, detergent... Everything to take with you. The camper is fully equipped - there is nothing to buy. Even a cheese grater is available. Do it again? Definitely YES.
  • Eurocampers: Did you have any concerns before you started your campervan trip? If yes, which ones?
  • Gideon: Actually, No. There are supermarkets everywhere and the Eurocampers team is so fast and competent. The roundabouts were the only thing that got me freaky. But it's very simple: if you want to take the first exit, get into the left-hand lane. If you want to take the second or third, you have to get into the right-hand lane. If I am on the right and want to take the first exit, then take great care - it almost always leads to an accident
  • Eurocampers: Would you recommend to travel in a camper?
  • Gideon: I have been exploring Europe on a motorcycle for the past few years. Always only with a tent. I just got to know the next level of luxury. Oh, my God- I love it.
  • Eurocampers: Any other activity recommendations apart from your shark and fly experience?
  • Gideon: Very important: take your time. If you can't make a walk, a sight-seeing tour, that's the way it is: Be clear about what you want to see/do. The weather is not influenceable and despite sunshine the waves can be so strong that no boat goes out. There is a solution for every problem. Regarding other "Have to do's". Be sure to swim with dolphins in Kaikoura (be sure to book in advance!) or check out the awesome toboggan run in Queenstown. Oh and the hot springs in Hanmer Springs.... ah and there is a cave on the east coast that only opens at a certain time (the moon is to blame). And billion other things.
  • Eurocampers: Something you would do differently in the future when you would travel again in a campervan?
  • Gideon: I don't know what. I haven't given that question a fuckin' thought. You know I don't have any special requirements and the campsites are so well equipped that I never thought about that...
  • Eurocampers: Anything else what you want to say?
  • Gideon: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."


  • Eurocampers: Were there many visitors? How close did you get to the sharks and how many did you see?
  • Gideon: We were a total of 4 divers, 2 spectators and 3 crew members. Even before the start of the trip you will be informed that sharks are wild animals and it can happen that none can be seen. On Top white sharks are not pack animals, they are omnivores. We were super lucky. Already after 10 minutes when we reached the spot a white one came towards us. We were in our dry suits, but it took a while to get the equipment on. After only a few minutes he was gone again. After that the waiting started. During the waiting time we were surprised with delicacies and hot drinks. Seals and cormorants can be observed. About 5 hours after the first sighting I decided to dive a little bit to have a look from below. I dived for about 15 minutes (you can hold out in the water for about 30 minutes - then it gets too cold) and shot a few selfies with the Gopro. Suddenly there was a bang and I almost peed into my pants. A big white shark swam against the cage and I had him all to myself
  • Eurocampers: What would you say here about your value for money? How much did you pay and was it worth it?
  • Gideon: Let's get to the facts. I paid NZD $568.00. To my own subjective answer. I wanted to see great white sharks. I didn't care about the money because I love sea-creatures. However, during the 5 hours waiting time I became aware that it is a game of chance. The skipper confirmed this. It is not uncommon not to see one. There is no money back guarantee. Everybody should be aware of this and you should not be angry afterwards. However, the skipper also mentioned that he had already seen over 8 sharks on one dive and he tells a lot of interesting facts during the time on the boat. I had no boredom.
Gideons recomodation:
shark experience


  • Eurocampers: Were there any other people on the plane?
  • Gideon: It's just the pilot and the student in the Cessna. For about NZD '40 per person more people can join in, if you want to.
  • Eurocampers: What it "just" a flying lesson or what it so kind of a scenery flight?
  • Gideon: My instructor Matt was awesome. I have to say that you watch a movie with the basics of flying first (which pedal does what). Matt took off with me and tested my experience. At this point I must mention that I already have flying experience. Nevertheless, we flew over beautiful lakes, mountains and villages. Matt told me a lot about everything. In the air you can do more or less do what you want. We had bright sunshine, clear visibility and no clouds. A perfect day - lucky me. After a while we flight higher and you could see a funny smile on Matt's face. I don't want to give too much away at this point. I just want to tell you that Matt is an excellent pilot and knows the Cessna perfectly. I still smile today. Thanks again.
  • Eurocampers: How long did you fly "alone"?
  • Gideon: "I'd say-- all the time. Of course, you'll get support in takeoff and landing. The planes are expensive and each runway is different. Still, I never felt like a "passenger"
  • Eurocampers: What would you say here about your value for money? How much did you pay and was it worth it?
  • Gideon: If I remember correctly, it was NZD '180 for 45 minutes. However, each additional person costs only NZD .40 extra. If you look at what the sightseeing flights cost, you can save money here and on top of that you can fly a plane yourself.
Gideons recomodation: