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Euro Campers strive to deliver the best level of holiday for our customers. Laura and Tom, two self-confessed travel geeks, have just returned from a campervan holiday which they shared on their blog ‘Euro Campers: Euro Sky Campervan Review‘. They had an awesome campervan holiday in one of our Euro Sky campervans. Please feel free to read the article they have published about their holiday and Euro Campers. Content and images credit in this article are to the author Laura, one of our happy customers.

Euro Campers: Euro Sky Campervan Review

Author: Laura | Published: April 12, 2021
Our month long trip around New Zealand covered both the North Island and South Island. During this time we lived solely in a campervan (a Euro Sky to be exact). Learn why we chose Euro Campers, how much it costs, and other tips to level up your rental experience.

Criteria for Choosing our Campervan

Before choosing a rental company, it helps to know the type of vehicle you’d like to rent. We learned a lot during our road trip around the UK and so knew exactly what features to prioritize this time around.

Better Insulation

Our UK campervan was an icebox. It had no insulation, causing condensation to build up on the walls overnight. That might be fine in summer, when there’s consistently warm weather, but we planned to spend weeks traveling New Zealand in the spring and wanted something better. This meant we were automatically looking in the mid-range price category where most campervans come with lined walls. It may not seem like much, but anything is better than nothing when it comes to retaining and regulating heat.

Kitchen Located Behind the Driver and Passenger Seats

We wanted the ability to cook inside without having to open the main cabin doors. Evenings in spring can get very cold and wet in New Zealand, especially when camping. Being inside helps retain your heat and keeps you from having to cook outside during a storm. This meant we were looking for a camper that had the kitchen inside the main cabin versus located at the trunk.

Ability to Stand Up Inside

Tom’s a tall dude (6 foot) and we knew we wanted the ability to stand up as soon as we decided on an interior kitchen. After spending hours driving, the last thing you usually want to do is sit some more while cooking and prepping for bed. Don’t underestimate being able to stand up and move around inside your portable home.

Easy Access to Storage

Space was extremely limited in our UK campervan and it became cumbersome anytime we wanted to get something out. For this trip we hoped to unpack and settle in a bit more, which ultimately led us to 3-person vehicles. We ended up using the extra sleeping area for quick and easy storage of our bedding and gadgets.

Solar Panel on the Roof

Ok, this wasn’t on our original priority list, but is one we recommend you consider. Campervans use a secondary battery to keep the refrigerator and overhead lights working while the vehicle is switched off. Every few days the battery must then be recharged. This typically requires staying at a holiday park, which costs a premium and is not always near the activities you’re targeting. By renting a campervan with a solar panel, we were able to trickle charge the second battery without needing to plug in, enabling us to be off-grid the entire trip and closer to nature attractions (the main reason we were visiting).

* Content and images credit in this article to Laura

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