Explore NZ – Part 1

New zealand's must see favorite spots with Explore NZ part 1!

Find out about New Zealand’s best and yet hidden gems!

New Zealand has a vast amount of attractions. Explore NZ Part 1 brings you some of New Zealand’s all time favorite spots. Follow our Explore NZ travel tip editions to get a deep insight into New Zealand’s famously acclaimed sights. 

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cathedral cove

Cathedral cove can be found on the Coromandel coastline. Formed out of white pumice rock and ash from a volcanic eruption 8 million years ago, Cathedral Cove sure has a story to tell. Carefully crafted by mother nature the soft rock has given way to a spectacular archway revealing sun-kissed beaches. A perfect outing for family or couples you won’t be disappointed by its elegance nor the stunning pictures you’ll snap. Take some snacks and enjoy what mother nature has to offer here in beautiful New Zealand!

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hot water beach

Do you enjoy soaking in hot water? Well, it gets better because you can enjoy the same but with a whole new backdrop. Hot water beach is a geothermal beach hence if you dig down about 30cm you’ll be met by natural hot water. Be careful though the water can get very hot if you dig too deep :). A fabulous outing experience for the whole family to spend a day making their own hot tub on one of New Zealand’s golden beaches. You can either buy your own shovel or hire one at the local store on the beachfront. Hot water Beach has plenty to offer if you’re just looking for a beach to stroll on or a once in a lifetime experience!

waiheke island wine

Sometimes we just want to kick back and relax. New Zealand has many surrounding islands including Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland. You can reach Waiheke by boat and even take your camper van. Waiheke is known for its sun-struck beaches but most of all it’s wineries. If you’re into tasting wine and fantastic food check out what Waiheke has to offer. Waiheke is also home to small quirky shops selling true kiwi style art. So if you’re looking to kick back and relax on a beach, in the comfort of a winery or see what NZ art has to offer Waiheke is your island. Definitely worth a visit to see what NZ’s outlying islands have to offer. 



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