Godley Head Walk

Godley Head Walk. Very easy and lovely walk.
recommendation for all ages

Godley Head is situated on the Port Hills between Christchurch and Lyttleton. Good access for campervans and free parking. You drive through Sumner to get to the Taylors Mistake car park; make your way to or behind the beach to the start of the Pilgrims Way Coastal Track right hand. You could just walk for half an hour on this track, and return. Or you drive with your camper to the Godley Head carpark on the top, Summit Road. There is parking up as well and a campground.

Either way, explore Godley Head's fascinating nature and history, suitable for family and young kids.

On the top you will find a cross and a number of old relics from World War II. Old observation buildings and gun emplacements.

The information boards invite to learn about what happened here long time ago. At the beginning you will find a lonely bench. Take a seat and let the surroundings are an effect on you. You will see that even on a cloudy day the views and the breeze are amazing. Enjoy a quiet minute and watch the surfers from up above at Taylor’s Mistake. Especially sheep and a lot of birds you will spot on your way, sometimes penguins and dolphins are a highlight in this wild nature area as well.

I highly recommend, to walk down to the beach Boulder Bay for a picnic and meet the friendly locals

To get there, carry on walking around 35 minutes and then to the left you will spot a small oasis area. There is a metal door with a chain, but it is not locked. You are welcome to go through and take the track down to the beach, you won’t get lost. Look out for a swing in Boulders Bay. It’s a lot of fun! Back on the track again, follow the trail uphill and enjoy a wonderful experience to get your mind free at Godley Head Walk.

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