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Insurance Options

Vehicle Insurance

All Tourism and Travel vehicle include the Standard Insurance “Risk Taker”.  To reduce the liability excess, choose between three different insurances. All of them cover accidental damage to the motorhome, the vehicle is insured for vehicle damages, third party vehicle damages and third party property damage only. We encourage you to be adventurous, but not to be careless.


While our insurance is covering most of the outside damages, we recommend to read our Terms and Conditions carefully, for any exclusions.

We have multiple liability reduction options for you to choose from depending on the liability you feel comfortable with.



Choose your Insurance

Standard Insurance: Risk Taker

Excess: $3,000 - 5,000 NZD
No daily rate

All Good Insurance

Excess: $1,500 - 2,000 NZD
Daily rate: $15 - 25 NZD

No Worries Insurance

Excess: $500 NZD
Daily rate: $29 - 36 NZD

The amount for bond is frozen on your credit card and processed in the event of any incident. It would be released after travel is completed.

The liability excess applies to each claim, not rental. In addition to the standard excess above, the Driver Experience Excess $1000 apply, when the driver of the insured vehicle is under 25 years of age.

Vehicle Details

Budgy Sleeper, Bugdy Traveller, Euro Kingsleeper, Euro Hitop and Euro Sky.

Risk Taker: Bond/ Excess 3000NZD

Price: 0NZD


 All Good: Bond/ Excess 1500NZD

Price: 15NZD (daily rate)



No Worries: Bond/ Excess 500NZD

Price: 29NZD (daily rate)

Euro Twin, Euro Familia 5, Heron 2+1, Heron Trio, Heron Paradise, Heron 4, Budgy Familia 6

Risk Taker: Bond/ Excess 5000NZD

Price: 0NZD (daily rate)

All Good: Bond/ Excess 2000NZD

Price: 25NZD (daily rate)

No Worries: Bond/ Excess 500NZD

Price: 36NZD (daily rate)


The customer must provide a valid credit card (Mastercard or Visa) to pay the Bond/Liability which is the amount of the excess and it will be debited to the customer’s credit card upon the day of the vehicle collection.

If you breach the Terms and Conditions of your hire, you may null and void the applicable bond amount you have selected and be liable for the total cost of the damage and/or associated costs with the incident.

The Bond/Liability is fully refundable after the hire of the vehicle unless the vehicle shows damages from the hire. If the campervan is damaged, the customer is required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair up to the liability access. 

The Hirer agrees that the registered credit card will be charged to cover damages and incidental items. If there’s more than one incident in which the campervan is damaged, a separate liability applies for each incident. You can reduce the amount you need to contribute by choosing one of our liability reduction options.


We recommend personal travel insurance which usually covers other events like illness, travel cancellation, delays, or missed connections. These plans may also cover lost, stolen, or damaged personal items or documents sometimes even the liability of a rental vehicle. Please note we do not cover personal liability or lost, stolen, or damaged personal items in our insurance.

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