Hawke Bay to the south, the mountain landscape to the west and the Pacific Ocean just 5 kilometres away enclose the town, which is well worth seeing.

Napier, named after the British Charles James Napier, was founded in 1854.

The 1931 earthquake destroyed the town, but 40km of new land was created. From then on, the city was rebuilt by architecture students and unemployed people. “Faith and Courage” was the motto of those who rolled up their sleeves with faith and courage and gave Napier its new face in just two years. To this day, the slogan is chiselled into the memorial arches at the Marine Parade by the sea. The result is unique architecture right in the east of the North Island, which stands out with its pastel-coloured beaches. Without doubt unique.

Napier is a thriving city where the atmosphere of the past harmonises with the wonders of the present.

Agriculture is favoured by the mild climate, so that apples, peaches, kiwi fruit and grapes can be grown. Sheep farming is also very important, and sheep’s wool in particular is processed into fashionable highlights.

Highway 2, the Palmerston North- Gisborne railway line and the airport are excellent ways to reach the city quickly and thus fill your holiday with many other sights. You’ll have a great time here with your campervan.

Pania of Reef is a popular and much photographed piece of art on the harbour promenade. The story of Pania is told in different variations. What they all have in common is that they couldn’t live their love happily ever after because the woman was something like a mermaid and the man was a chief on the island. If you are interested in more information, there are many boards on which the special features are told.

Architecture Festival in February! Every year, more than 20,000 people flock to Napier for the Art Deco Weekend event.

A celebration to commemorate the Art Deco heritage. Visitors and tourists from all over the world enjoy various events and exhibitions in which Napier brings the life and culture of the 1930s back to life.

These are the most popular sights in Napier:

These are the most popular outdoor activities in Napier:

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