Planning your days on a New Zealand Road trip

planning your new zealand road trip

When planning out your days for a New Zealand Road trip, you want to make sure you can plan how long you will spend in each location. 


In the picture, we have given you an estimated guide for how long you will need to see everything you’d want to at each location. With this we have also put in the number of days it would take you to travel between each of these locations. 



We estimate that if you wanted to see the whole of New Zealand and have an experience you will never forget. You should plan your trip for a total of 38 days. This will allow you to soak in everything New Zealand has to offer while on a road trip. 



Over the 38 days, extra costs have been calculated to be roughly $400. these extra costs will look to pay for fuel during the trip, you should only have to fill the campervan once during the trip and once again before returning to our Auckland or Christchurch branches.

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