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New zealand road safety!

Find out about how to navigate through NZ!

New Zealand is best traveled by road but that means driving. Check out our essential Road Safety tips to get you through NZ safely. 

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Key tips

New Zealand is a unique country and so are its roads. Distances are longer than often perceived due to narrower and windy roads through beautiful countryside. Road Safety is key to keep you and your family safe here in NZ. Before you set off on your journey see what may be different about driving in NZ. 

  • We drive on the left 
  • Travel time are underestimated 
  • Narrower and steeper roads 
  • Often only two-way roads with one lane in each direction. We have few motorways. 
  • Not all railway crossings have active warnings 
  • Seat belts are compulsory for everyone in the vehicle. 
  • Using a phone while driving is illegal.
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Police officers keep NZ safe

Before you hit the roads

Check out the helpful resources we’ve found for you. Learn the road rules which are enforced by the New Zealand Police Force. Often journeys are underestimated which leads to fatigue. Try and get plenty of rest before you explore our beautiful country. We want you to have a great trip and arrive safely at your destination, so make sure you allow plenty of time and take regular breaks. The trip may be slower, but the scenery is amazing so take your time and enjoy your journey.


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