Rotorua Redwoods

The rotorua redwood forest!

The Rotorua Redwoods, a legendary experience for all!

Do you enjoy being in awe of nature’s presence? The Rotorua Redwoods tower above all beneath. Explore the famous tree walk allowing you to walk the forest while perched in the trees.

Why visit the forest?


Do you enjoy learning about history and culture in the depths of a spectacular forest? Offering you a variety of recreational opportunities the Rotorua Redwood Forest is for you! The Rotorua Redwoods allows you to experience exotic tree species, native undergrowth, panoramic view, lakes, and geothermal areas. However, these are just a few of the stunning things you can experience. Above all, Rotorua Redwoods have become one of the most outstanding natural assets in New Zealand. Definitely worth a visit! Explore the 5600 hectares of forest now!

Explore your way


Do you enjoy walking? The Rotorua Redwood Forest offers all levels of walkers the opportunity to experience towering Californian Coastal Redwoods. Furthermore, it’s just a stone’s throw from the heart of New Zealand’s geothermal capital. All tracks are clearly signposted for all levels. In addition, if you prefer truly exploring the depths of New Zealand forests rather than keeping to the signposted track follow the forests maze of old logging tracks. But make sure to take a friend and a phone in case you get lost! In short, whatever you’re into the Rotorua Redwood Forest offers all an opportunity to explore what New Zealand’s forests have to offer you and your travel companions.


Dating back many years the Rotorua Redwood Forest mountain bike network is one of the oldest in New Zealand. Master crafted trails, varying topography, brilliant scenery, excellent riding surfaces, and well-draining soil are just a few of the perks of biking in the Rotorua Redwoods. To sum up, the Rotorua Redwoods caters to all levels of riders with around 130km of ever-evolving tracks no wonder Rotorua is world-renowned for its biking trails. Check out the Rotorua Redwood forest tracks and experience biking at a whole new level! Oh and PS you can hire bikes too 🙂


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