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When it comes to saving money it’s always difficult to find your way around the tips and tricks when overseas. We realize it’s hard to figure out the details of how another country works for we’ve done the work for you. Many small savings can result in large savings over your whole trip. We want to help our customers find affordable yet convenient ways of exploring New Zealand. Not need to worry we have you covered with our money-saving tips!

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Fuel can always be a set back when traveling. Especially when fuel prices have hiked up and you’re stuck finding the cheapest deal. We have a solution for you! Download Gaspy on either the App Store or Google Play and track fuel prices in real-time. Gaspy allows you to fully customize your search and find exactly what you want and where you want it. I’ve personally used Gaspy to help me save on fuel expenses. Depending on the location you can save up to a staggering 20 cents per liter. Current average fuel prices for New Zealand can be found here

Doc campsites

DOC campsites are scattered all around New Zealand being placed in the most idyllic locations. Usually, only a donation is required rather than $50 per night at standard campgrounds. All our vehicles are self contained which makes you eligible to stay in DOC campgrounds. We highly recommend using DOC campsites not only to save money but to experience some of New Zealand’s hidden gems. New Zealand has so much more to explore the depths of New Zealand’s wilderness and beauty. Find out more by visiting the DOC website here.

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Every country has that grocery store that’s always cheap! Here in New Zealand, we have an iconic kiwi store called PAK’nsave which offers a vast range of products at low prices. No compromises, you’ll find everything you need at PAK’nsave stores. However, remember PAK’nsave can often only be found in main cities so make sure to stock up on groceries before you set off on your adventure. When traveling out of main cities remember the only shops will be smaller more expensive supermarkets. Travel smart and save money!

Saving money is extremely important to me. I found the Euro Campers travel tips offered me the opportunity to save money while traveling.
Sarah Wilson
By trying some of the tips Euro Campers recommended and was surprised by the savings. Thanks Euro Campers for the great tips!
Lana Davids



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