Early Bird Discount

Planning your dream campervan adventure? We’ve got an exclusive offer just for you! Save on your final payment by paying in advance. This fantastic deal is available for all campervans, all year long.


  • Pay 7 months in advance and enjoy a generous 6% discount.
  • Pay 6 months in advance, and you’ll receive a fantastic 5% discount.
  • Pay 5 months ahead, and you’ll still get a great 4% discount.
  • Pay 4 months in advance, and you’ll save 3% on your total payment.
  • Pay 3 months ahead, and we’ll reward you with a 2% discount.
  • Pay 2 months in advance, and you’ll receive a 1% discount.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make your campervan adventure even more affordable. Book early and start counting your savings! 

Terms and conditions apply. Save on your journey today!

Give us a call or contact us via our contact form.

Early Bird Discount
Early Bird Discount
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