Sumner Beach

Sumner is a beautiful coastal suburb of Christchurch. There are two main roads (Linwood Ave/ Ferry Rd) leading from the central to the Estuary, which meet in Ferrymead. From there just follow the shoreline to Sumner Beach. A great place to explore by camper

You cannot miss the breeze in Sumner Beach

Shag Rock

If it is not low tide, you will certainly see kiters at Avon Heathcote Estuary. You pass the hill Redcliff’s and you will be able to spot Shag Rock or known as Rapanui. Rapanui means the great sternpost. It marked the way into the estuary, a guiding stone indicating the vast wetlands. This area is rich in shellfish, flatfish and birdlife.

Cave Rock

Soon you will notice Cave Rock in the distance, right at the best Restaurant “Beach” in town, Esplanade 25. Cave Rock is an unusual volcanic lava deposit on the foreshore and has delighted many generations of Christchurch children. It is quite easy to climb. Also, there is a tiny cave way which is fun to play around.

Sumner Beach Village

Sumner is snuggled in a valley in the hills and offers a popular beach that is ideal for the whole family to picnic, to enjoy beach volleyball or surfing and more. Great to see the surf rescue active on the beach.

Sumner is perfect for a stroll; dogs are allowed in specific beach areas and restaurants as well. There is a lovely market with self-made souvenirs and jewellery over weekends. Even a new library, shops- including a supermarket, medical care, and the Hollywood movie theatre is just steps away from the beach.


I recommend to try the homemade ice cream by Utopia Ice Sumner!

Scarborough Beach is nearby and is not only popular for their clock, playground, picnic area and pool. The cafe “Ocean” is famous for their excellent coffee and food, especially their Eggs Benedict.

And don’t forget to pop over the hill and check out the surf spot Taylor’s Mistake!

A must see!!! 

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