The ferry on the popular Cook Strait

Experience New Zealand by ferry via the breathtaking Cook Strait

New Zealand’s best-known ferry service runs from Picton to Wellington and connects the North and South Islands. This vital connection is used by numerous people every day and enables constant transport between the two busiest cities.

1. how long is the ferry journey from Wellington to Picton?

The crossing via the Cook Strait takes between 3 and 3.5 hours, and there are several daily departures.

As there are around 20 ferries a day on this route, operated by two different ferry companies, early booking is highly recommended.

2. departure times:

There are numerous departures every day, usually around 20 ferries per day, operated by Interislander and Bluebridge. It is advisable to book tickets in advance, as this route is very busy. The exact departure times can be found on the corresponding Interislander and Bluebridge ferry schedules.

3. booking and flexibility:

Both ferry companies allow booking changes up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. Changes must be made for travel within 12 months of the original travel date. Please note that fare upgrades to refundable fares are not permitted.

4. how much does the ferry cost in New Zealand?

The costs for passengers on the Bluebridge ferry vary in the same way as on the Interislander and depend on age, number of travellers and special needs. In general, fares range from $51 to $73 for an adult (without vehicle) and $26 to $33 for a child (under 14).

Interislander or Bluebridge?

Interislander: As the largest ferry company, Interislander operates large boats and has numerous depots. The ferries are somewhat more expensive, but offer greater comfort and flexibility when booking.

Bluebridge: An alternative option with slightly cheaper tariffs. Bluebridge also offers reliable crossings and bookings are usually flexible.

Which Interislander ferry is the most appealing?

Interislander offers various ferries, whereby the “Kaitaki” is often considered to be the most appealing. All ferries are well equipped and offer indoor and outdoor seating as well as cafés. The Interislander ferries are spacious car ferries that provide a safe and comfortable journey across the Cook Strait. The duration and frequency of the journey from Picton to Wellington can vary depending on the season and month. We therefore recommend a live check for up-to-date information.

Booking through Euro Campers / Tourism and Travel

We are happy to book your ferry for you and your camper! Contact our Sales Team WhatApp or by email for more information. And save 5-10% on your ferry ticket.


  • Choose Interislander if flexibility is important to you, you prefer greater comfort and are prepared to pay a little more.
  • Choose Bluebridge if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option and are satisfied with basic convenience.

Both companies offer reliable crossings, and the choice ultimately depends on your priorities and travelling preferences. Whichever option you choose, Euro Campers is on hand to help you book your ferry for a smooth journey across the Cook Strait.

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